Color Name:

Hex Color Code: #6A0203

RGB: 106, 2, 3

HSL: 360°, 96%, 21%

Color Name:

Hex Color Code: #A70E12

RGB: 167, 14, 18

HSL: 359°, 85%, 35%

Color Name:

Hex Color Code: #ED1C22

RGB: 237, 28, 34

HSL: 359°, 85%, 52%

Color Name:

Hex Color Code: #F7A815

RGB: 247, 168, 21

HSL: 40°, 93%, 53%

247, 168, 21
40°, 93%, 53%
Red Robin
The Red Robin hex colors are confirmed by the SVG logo on Red Robin's website.

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